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Effective as of September 2012 Leaside/Rolph Road Daycare introduced “Emergent Curriculum” which follows the ELECT (Early Learning for Every Child Today) Principles. Emergent Curriculum is a non-traditional style of teaching that presents children with the gift of discovering the world around them by encouraging them to explore life through their own interests and passions. It is “Child led” or “Child based” learning as opposed to “teacher directed” learning.

Emergent Curriculum is beneficial to your child’s development, by validating a child’s curiosity in learning and enabling them to follow their passions; it lets them have the character building satisfaction of discovering by oneself while focusing on the child’s strengths and improving on their weaknesses. The result is it helps create a confident, self-assured child, hungry and eager to discover the world around them.

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School photos at Rolph Road
School photos at Rolph Road are scheduled for Tuesday September 30th.
School Photos at Laird and St. Anselm
School photos at Laird and St. Anselm are scheduled for Monday September 29th.

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